The great Snow controversy of 1923

In the 1920s, an event took place that triggered a debate over what is today a very contemporary preoccupation, the colonisation of public visual space with commercial advertising.

Chester Snow was a Lismore entrepreneur who ran a furniture factory shop where everything was made to order. His premises were at 78 Keen Street, in the building where Fairmarket Antiques is located today. The phone number was 286. Continue reading

The light at the end of Naughtons Gap

The rail line running from Casino to Murwillumbah passes through many small rural former station sites. One of these is Naughtons Gap, to the north-east of Casino. A platform that closed in 1975, it was located a stone’s throw from one of the line’s more interesting features, a now-abandoned 265-metre railway tunnel┬áthat had struck my attention a while back. Continue reading