A garden of curiosities

Perhaps the first thing to jump out at you is the spectacle of a giant inflatable Vegemite jar on a plastic chair. Close by is another companion chair that is home to a part-empty five-litre container of automotive coolant.

Just a few hundred metres from the Lismore-Woodburn road, along Tucki Road, is about fifty metres of road frontage devoted to a combination of sculpture collection and garden, featuring found objects and assemblages of curious things arranged among, and behind, a stretch of neatly mowed grass. A sign indicates the property name Gunnah Doo, one that I immediately associate with procrastination – an understandable strategy in today’s baking midday heat when some cultures would be having a long siesta.


Like many gardens of its type, it is kitschy, with a few concrete donkeys pulling carts, a pair of elephants, a giraffe, a pair of flamingos, a black cat, and the odd garden gnome. A hanging plastic whale is located close to a couple of upright surfboards with their bottom ends lodged in the ground. There is a rudimentary rocket made from metal, and a pair of fantasy creatures on columns that look like lengths of metal water pipe guard the front entrance. Other similar creations are located inside the front gate.




Yet there is also a tastefulness in the understated use of the colours blue, red and yellow that run as a thread through much of what is on display.



Plants are being grown in a couple of wheelbarrows that have been painted blue. At one location, an old road marker has been incorporated into an assemblage, indicating that you have eight miles of travel before reaching Lismore and sixteen miles to Woodburn.


Shading some of this are frangipanis, a couple of exotic palms, and further on a row of pines whose piney smell and cones littering the ground add a further dimension. Underneath is a row of grey agaves growing in a rock garden the features various old pieces of yellow-painted machinery and equipment.



On the opposite side of the road, some new plantings indicate that the project is most likely in an ongoing state of expansion.


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