A collection of kitsch: found art near Alstonville

Stuff. So much gets produced, and if we don’t want it any more, it has to go somewhere. To a good home, into the recycling bin, sometimes even the garbage. Maybe Ikea executive Steve Howard is right when he says that we have reached ‘peak stuff.’

For certain creative types with a quirky orientation, unwanted junk attracts them like a magnet. About four kilometres out of Alstonville, on the road to Teven, are a collection of strange-looking assemblages of objects that have been installed within a few metres of the road. This juxtaposition of diverse items in strange configurations has an interesting Dali-esque quality.

Since I last stopped to look a few years ago, this collection of kitsch has become more overgrown with weeds, giving it greater charm and a type of evocative appeal associated with abandoned places.
















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